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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can a healing package or program help me?
A. By empowering you to release the energy that no longer serves you! Examples include physical & emotional pain, anxiety, depression and stuck energy. Your Higher Self and Guides would like you to feel more peace, love, joy, gratitude and confidence to lead a happier, healthier life - one that is filled with purpose.

Schedule Your Energy Healing Package HERE:


Q. What are issues I can get help with? 
A. Past-Life Regression can help you release physical and emotional pain, heartbreak, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, medical conditions and disease. We can resolve 'stuck' or stagnant energy and enhance creativity to allow you to more attract what you desire in your life.

We'll balance your energetic body including your chakras -- the 7 major energy centers of the body-- as well as the 4 elements. Occasionally chakras need to be replaced vs. repaired. We can ask to learn your life purpose.  Possibilities are endless, as your session will be architected by your wise, supportive, loving Higher Self and Guides.

Q. How can I learn more about having my own private healing sessions with you?
A. Register today for a COMPLIMENTARY Energy blessing & clearing with Q & A! These powerful group Zoom calls have replaced the 1:1 phone appointments. Check back for new dates if necessary as this is an ongoing series.

Register here at no cost:

Q. Where can I find your podcast?
There are 70+ episodes of the "Waking Up Spiritually" archived on our website:

Subscribe to us on YouTube or via your favorite podcast app:

Q. Is a past-life regression the same as a past life psychic reading? 

A. No. During a past-life regression your Higher Self and Guides are invited to speak through you, which many people find empowering. Wendy will channel your Guide as necessary (with your permission) to help you connect, and to build your confidence in your own knowing.

Q. Can you force me to be hypnotized or to do anything against my will?
A. Certainly not  - you retain your free will. There's no 'dancing like a chicken' like on stage in Las Vegas. That's entertainment hypnosis vs. therapeutic hypnotherapy designed to bring forth the wisdom of your soul from your subconscious.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and all healing is self-healing. Wendy's role as a skilled, caring energy healer is to help you relax to a therapeutic level of trance to bring forth your own soul wisdom.

Q. Can everyone be "hypnotized"? 
A. Most healthy adults can learn to relax to the theta level of consciousness. You experience this state of consciousness twice a day minimum when falling asleep at night, and when first waking up in the morning. Some people are naturally better at reaching and then maintaining a therapeutic level of trance. Most improve with practice. The key to a successful session is to release your expectations, to the best of your ability.


Q. Can sessions be done remotely via Zoom using my computer or phone?
A. Yes, all healing sessions are facilitated live 1-on-1 via Zoom. An audio file recording will be made for you. My Guides asked me to begin facilitating all sessions this way in late 2016. Most people relax best at home or in another quiet, comfortable place where they won't be interrupted.


Q. What if I don't have a stable Internet connection to use Zoom? 
A. You can download the free Zoom app if you have a smart phone vs. using your computer or tablet. Or I can provide a conference call number to be used directly from your phone. The conference line does not use the Internet and I can still record an audio file for you. You do not need a camera for your session - video is not required.

Q. Will you record my session for me? 

A. Yes. Sessions are recorded as an audio file to help you continue your energy healing. You'll have the opportunity to glean additional insights & healing as you listen to your recording. Most people report a feeling of increased love & peace after their session, more restful sleep & less confusion, second-guessing, discomfort & fear.

Q. What's my investment?
A. The Signature Healing Package of 3 sessions (2.5 hours/ 1 hour/ 1 hour) is $997 USD prepaid.
Details HERE:

If  you prefer to finance your $997 package, you may wish to research PayPal Credit's 6-month interest-free loan.

Do you have a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) via your employer or that you self-funded ?
Does it cover 'therapeutic hypnotherapy' - ex. certain Premera plans

Contact me if you need help with installment payments (3 @ $375):

Q. How do I get started?
Register today for a complimentary Energy Healing group Zoom call with Q & A:

Q. What are some of the results I may experience?

Physical & Emotional Healing

Align with Higher Self & Guides

Learn about your Life Purpose

Adjust soul contracts & transmute any karma
Release self-limiting beliefs/ spark creativity
Raise your vibration & frequency
Find a deeper sense of peace, love & joy


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Q. How does quantum healing occur?
A. Your Higher Self & Guides can effectively heal trauma from this life or earlier lives by working with your subconscious & by improving your self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem. They can help you access the wisdom of your soul & integrate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and your aura in a more beneficial manner.


Q. Will I be able to communicate with loved ones that have passed on?
Some individuals communicate with loved ones on the other side of the veil, or experience other worlds or dimensions. Your Higher Self & Guides choose what's most beneficial & enjoyable for your unique 'Magic Carpet Ride!'


Q. Does everyone experience a past life?
A. The majority of people experience a past life or lives. Some need to heal or re-frame experiences from their current life, or there is little past life energy to release.  These types of people tend to move quickly to the 'Between Lives' state where they're not incarnated in a body. They may spend significant time in a Healing Temple or garden, in the Place of All Knowledge, or may move quickly to another world or dimension, a parallel or simultaneous life or a future life potentiality. Individuals who have experienced a challenging childhood or current life may receive Inner Child or Shadow healing that is uniquely personal and beneficial. 


Q. Should I schedule activities for the rest of the day after my healing session?
A. Give yourself the gift of a full day  off  to embrace your healing. It is not recommended to drive or conduct business for the remainder of the day after your past-life regression or other healing session.


Q. When are sessions scheduled?
A. Sessions are scheduled by appointment weekdays between 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time. You can schedule the most convenient dates and times for yourself using the link below.

Q. How do I best prepare for my healing session?
A. Meditate or engage in your normal spiritual practice(s). Refrain from caffeine for a minimum of 6 hours before your regression. 
No alcohol or drugs (other than prescription medication) for 24 hours before session.

We'll work together to set your intent and plan what your Higher Self and Guides may best help you with. You'll want to do your best to release expectations of what will happen during your session. Trust you will receive what you most NEED, which may not match what the mind/ ego WANTS. Be willing to attract more peace, love, joy, lightness and clarity to your life.


Q. Are there recommended questions I should be asking?
The automated scheduler will include a format for you to write 5-20 questions/ requests regarding your health, wealth/ career, relationships, career, and more. You may request a surrogate healing for a loved one, including an animal companion, or for mankind.

There are no restrictions regarding questions. If it's not in your best interest to know something, your Higher Self or Guides will state that. Since time is different on the other side, Divine Right Timing questions such as 'When will I meet my new partner or get that new job?' may not be answered. We may ask for help in attracting them if there are blocks including self-limiting beliefs, and how to remove any stagnant energy. Other questions will arise organically during your session
 - don't be concerned a critical issue will be forgotten.

Q. Is past-life regression suitable for everyone? 
A. Hypnotherapy should NOT be performed for individuals with schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or for those taking anti-psychotic or epileptic medications.
 I'm happy to refer you if another expert is a better fit at this time.


Q. Do you offer healing sessions for children? 
A. I specialize in adults aged 18 and older. I occasionally work with a highly motivated, mature late teens with parental permission.
If a younger child needs healing this can be facilitated via a surrogate healing with a parent (or other loved one) having the session on their behalf. We'll need permission from their Higher Self and Guides.


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