Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Regression Healing? 
A.  Regression Healing is a therapeutic hypnotherapy technique designed to help your body, mind & spirit. Regression Healing was inspired by Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT).

Q. What's the goal for these sessions?
A.  To empower you to release energy that no longer serves you. Examples include physical & emotional pain, anxiety, panic attacks & depression. The intent is to help you embrace your life purpose with more joy and confidence! We can also ask to be shown lifetimes to celebrate that will inspire you and can bring forward past life abilities to your life now.

Q. Is Regression Healing the same as past-life regression?
A. It's more comprehensive. Regression Healing includes a journey to a Healing Temple and to connect with your Spirit Guide as well as daily energy management techniques. We may ask to transmute any karma and soul contracts that don't serve you.

Q. Is Past-Life Regression the same as a guided meditation?
A. Past-Life Regression includes guided meditations as well as relaxation and healing techniques designed to help enhance your life now.

Q. Can you force me to be hypnotized or to do anything against my will?
A. Absolutely not! You retain your free will. There's no 'dancing like a chicken' like on stage in Las Vegas. That's entertainment hypnosis vs. therapeutic hypnotherapy designed to bring forth the wisdom of your soul from your subconscious.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and all healing is self-healing. Wendy Rose Williams' goal as a skilled, caring energy healer is to help you relax to a therapeutic level of trance or hypnotherapy to help bring forth your own wisdom of your soul. Most people find this wonderfully empowering.

Q. Can everyone be hypnotized? 
A. It's a free will choice. Most healthy adults can learn to relax to the theta level of consciousness. You experience this state of consciousness twice a day minimum when falling asleep at night, and when first waking up in the morning. 

Some people are naturally better at reaching and then maintaining a therapeutic level of trance. Most improve with practice.

Q. What are some of the things I can get help with during a session?

A. Past-Life Regression is ideal to help release physical and emotional pain, heartbreak, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, medical conditions and disease. We can resolve 'stuck' or stagnant energy and enhance creativity to allow you to more attract what you need and desire in life.

We'll balance your energetic body including your chakras -- the 7 major energy centers of the body --- as well as the 4 elements of water, fire, Earth and air. We can learn your life purpose.

The possibilities are endless, as your session will be architected by your wise, supportive, loving Higher Self and Guides.

Q. Is a past-life regression the same as a past life psychic reading?
A. No. During a past-life regression your Higher Self and Guides are invited to speak through you, which many people find incredibly empowering.

During a psychic past life reading, past life impressions are shared with you which you may or may not understand, be able to vet or heal from.

Q. What's my investment?
A. One-time comprehensive services range from $125 to $599.  The two-day PLR/ Between Lives package is $899 and the three-month to one-year programs range from $1299-3499.

See Wendy Rose Williams' home page for a complete service offerings price list:

Q. How do I get started?
A. Request your complimentary phone appointment here:

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Q. What are some of the results I may experience?

Physical & Emotional Healing

Align with Higher Self & Guides

Discover Life Purpose

Adjust soul contracts & transmute any karma
Release self-limiting beliefs/ spark creativity
Raise your vibration & frequency
Find a deeper sense of peace, love & joy

Client testimonials are linked here and throughout the website:


Q. How does quantum healing occur?
A. Your Higher Self & Guides can effectively heal trauma from this life or earlier lives by working with your subconscious & by improving your self-confidence and self-esteem. They can help you access the wisdom of your soul & integrate your mind, body & spirit in a more beneficial manner.


Q. Will I be able to communicate with loved ones that have passed on?
Some individuals communicate with loved ones and ancestors on the other side of the veil, or experience other worlds or dimensions. Your Higher Self & Guides choose what's most beneficial & enjoyable for your unique 'Magic Carpet Ride!'


Q. Does everyone experience a past life?
A. The majority of people experience a past life or lives. Some need to heal or re-frame experiences from their current life, or there is little past life energy to release.  These types of people tend to move quickly to the 'Between Lives' state where they're not incarnated in a body. They may spend significant time in a Healing Temple or garden, in the Place of All Knowledge, or may move quickly to another world or dimension, a parallel or simultaneous life or a future life potentiality.


Q. How long will my past-life regression session last? 
A. Select either the 2.5 hour Past-Life Regression OR a 4-hour VIP Past-Life Regression that typically includes the 'Between-Lives' state in pure soul form - when you are not incarnated in a body.

Wendy trained with one of Dr. Michael Newton's original students to learn to facilitate the amazing 4-hour Between Lives spiritual regressions inspired by Dr. Newton's Life-Between-Lives technique detailed in Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls

(Note: The Between Lives session requires a previous successful comprehensive PLR with a hypnotherapist)


Q. Will you record my session for me?
A. Yes. Sessions are recorded as an audio file to help continue your energy healing. You'll have the opportunity to glean additional insights & healing as you listen to your recording. Most people report a feeling of increased love & peace after their session, more restful sleep & less confusion, second-guessing, discomfort & fear.


Q. May I schedule activities for the rest of the day after my session?
A. Give yourself the gift of a full day  off  to embrace your healing. It's not recommended to drive or conduct business for the remainder of the day after your past-life regression. Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. 


Q. When are sessions scheduled?
A. Sessions are scheduled weekdays by appointment. Weekend appointments are available upon request. Wendy Rose Williams only works with one client a day and a maximum of five per week, so you benefit from her highest vibrational energy.


Q. How do I best prepare for my past-life regression?
A. Meditate or engage in your normal spiritual practice(s). Refrain from caffeine for a minimum of 6 hours before your regression. 
No alcohol or drugs (other than prescriptions) for 24 hours before session.

You'll plan your session with Wendy during a complimentary 15-minute phone appointment. You'll work together to set your intent and plan what your Higher Self and Guides may best help you with.

It's important to do your best to release expectations of what will happen during your session. Trust you will receive what you most need, which may not match what the ego wants. Be willing to attract more peace, love, joy, lightness and clarity to your life.


Q. Do you have any recommended questions?
Yes. It's recommended that you write a list of 5-20 questions regarding your health, wealth, relationships, career, life purpose and more. You may request a surrogate healing for a loved one, including an animal companion, or for mankind.

The 2.5 hour and 4-hour VIP Regression Healing are designed for up to 20 questions for your Higher Self & Guides. 
The Between-Lives session includes many scripted questions to take you back to the womb and other amazing experiences.  
A maximum of 5 questions works best.

Other questions will arise organically during your session with Wendy Rose Williams - don't be concerned something critical will be forgotten.

There are no restrictions regarding questions. If it's not in your best interest to know something, your Higher Self or Guides will state that. Since time is different on the other side, Divine Right Timing questions such as 'When will I meet my new partner or get that new job?' may not be answered. We may ask for help in attracting them if there are blocks including self-limiting beliefs, and how to remove any stagnant energy.


Q. Can sessions be done remotely via Zoom using my computer or phone?
A. Yes, as healing is in the quantum field. Wendy Rose Williams' Guides asked her to begin facilitating all sessions remotely as of October 2016 and she had additional training to do so. She has years of experience facilitating successful remote sessions unrelated to the changes that began with COVID in 2020.


Q. What if I don't have a stable Internet connection to use Zoom? 
A. You can download the free Zoom app if you have a smart phone and have your session that way vs. with a computer or tablet. Another option is Wendy can provide you with a conference call number to be used directly from your phone. This service does not use the Internet and Wendy can still record an audio file for you. You do not need a camera for your session - video is not required.


Q. Will I need more than one session or past-life regression?

A. No, there is no requirement to commit to more than one session. Many people find their session with Wendy Rose Williams so beneficial that they choose to have more than one session over time, or you may be drawn to the 3-month Spiritual Mentoring program or to the one-year Spiritual Seeker program from the start.

You may discover you reach a therapeutic level of trance more quickly and easily with each session. You may find that the images, sounds, knowing & sensing flows more readily in subsequent sessions as you learn to trust your intuition and to act on it timely.


Q. Is past-life regression suitable for everyone? 
A. Hypnotherapy should NOT be performed for individuals with schizophrenia or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). If the thought of having a past-life regression makes you incredibly anxious, angry or emotional, an energy clearing may be more beneficial. We can do a one-hour healing session (PLR Prep) for this purpose or Wendy Rose Williams would be happy to refer you if another expert is a better fit for you at this time.


Q. Do you offer past-life regression for children? 
A. Wendy works with adults aged 18 and older. She may occasionally work with a highly motivated, mature teen with parental permission. If a younger child needs healing it can be done via a surrogate healing with a parent (or other loved one) having the session on their behalf, or she can refer you to a specialist.

Q. What are your Mary Magdalen channeling sessions like?
A. Wendy trained for several years to become a clear channel for Ascended Master Mary Magdalen. The Magdalen she channels was a wife and mother. She was a highly evolved soul who helped fund Yeshua ben Joseph's (Jesus') ministry. Magdalen is conversational in her channeling sessions so it's great to come with questions like you would for a treasured friend. She enjoys speaking about relationships, will answer questions regarding her life before, with and after Jesus, and is surprisingly good at answering business & financial questions. If you relate to Mary Magdalen's energy you're welcome to request she assist during any session with Wendy.