The following books were completed by clients after their Regression Healing session:

 "The Gratitude Curve" - Gregg Kirk

"Reading With Crystals" - LD Doornbosch

Coming Soon --
"I'm Just an Ordinary Dead Guy" - Donya Wicken


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NOTE: Hypnotherapy should not be performed for individuals with schizophrenia or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).


DISCLAIMER: Wendy Rose Williams is a Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-Life Regression; a Reiki Master Energy Healer; a Certified Spiritual Teacher and an Ordained Minister. She is NOT a medical doctor or mental health practitioner.

It is your responsibility to make your own choices to maximize your health and well-being. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and all healing is self-healing. Refunds are not available after services are provided.