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Do you have concerns about who you've been and how to handle the emotions?

What happens to our souls after death?

Why past-life regression?

“Hypnosis Pain Relief”                                                                   Photo Credit: Netra Narang (Pexels)
February 3rd, 2020

The Source of Pain

One of the top requests I hear from clients is “How can I feel more comfortable in my body – how can I be free from chronic pain?
Where’s this pain coming from? How can I live a happier, more active life as this pain can be exhausting.
Can hypnotherapy or hypnosis help me alleviate the pain?”

Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing, believed that chronic pain is caused by underlying guilt, or not having forgiven oneself.

I agree, having struggled with daily pain for almost 50 years and just now connecting the dots to the theme of my first two books being forgiveness.

“Geez, Louise,” as my grandfather would say. How’d I miss that one?

Louise Hay’s affirmation to release pain is “I lovingly release the past. They are free and I am free.
All is well in my heart now.” (Source: “Heal Your Body,” by Louise Hays)

Repeat that affirmation a few times (or write your own) – does anything shift or lighten in your body – in your spirit – in your mind?

What about your emotions? Does this bring up any emotions you can fully feel for just 60-90 seconds before gently releasing them,
acknowledging this journey has been HARD, and is about to get a whole lot better...

Success Story #1: The Struggle/ The Process/ The Results

Simon was a lifetime athlete and adventurer who had played a high-contact sport professionally.
He had broken his neck and had surgery but was still experiencing life-limiting daily pain in his back, neck and shoulders.
Simon didn’t want to take daily pain medication – he wanted to get to the source of his pain to resolve it to be able to lead an active, fulfilling life.

We did a 4-hour Regression Healing/ Past-Life Regression session.
Simon was able to journey to a Healing Temple; to connect powerfully with his Higher Self and reunite with his Guides;
and to re-experience two “lifetimes of origin” that were causing his current physical pain.
He realized he had not forgiven the two people who had caused him pain so long ago.

By forgiving these two individuals – which Simon described as a “gift to them both – and a release for me,”
he was able to decrease his pain from an 8 on a scale of 0-10 to a 3, and to sustain that healing long-term.

Getting more comfortable in his ‘strong, powerful body’ (how we revisioned his body vs. as ‘my broken neck’)
was an important part in allowing him to play recreational sports with gusto once again, and to more easily drive.
This in turn improved his finances, as driving was integral to his job.

Here’s how Simon summarized his healing session:
“My past-life regression was wonderful. My back and neck feel remarkably better. Bless you, Wendy.”

My first book, “Regression Healing I: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Soldier” includes the details of Simon’s past-life regression.

Paperback & Kindle versions here:

Audiobook version:

Let Go of What You Don’t Want

On a day when you’re feeling relatively comfortable, meditate to distance yourself from the discomfort.  
Begin to move the pain or discomfort out of your energy field by referring to it simply as ‘THE pain or discomfort,’ and not as ‘MY pain or discomfort.’ 

Don’t own what you don’t want to have in your life by making it ‘mine,’ as you’ll attract more of it by the Law of Attraction.

If you refer to ‘the pain’ – which is more neutral – it will help you begin to untangle from it energetically and to move it out of your energy body and aura.
It’s also important to acknowledge and heal any associated emotions of frustration, anger, rage, futility, hopelessness
and/ or helplessness you may have been feeling related to chronic pain.

Can you feel the difference between ‘my pain’ and ‘the pain’?
Meditate or visualize the pain and discomfort leaving you – let it float or flow gently away from you – farther and farther away –
let it move away from you as naturally as the tide.

See a wonderful fresh new wave coming your way,  blessing and cleansing your body and energy so your body feels strong, comfortable and well-aligned.
See your body as the miracle it is and do your best to accept it exactly as it is today, knowing tomorrow can be better.

Thank your body for its service, despite its quirks.

Try to become better friends and over time, best friends.


Talk With the Pain to Release It

Meditate and ask the pain or discomfort how it’s serving you, if it all.
Pain can be useful in letting us know we need to slow down; to move differently; to change our daily and/ or exercise routine;
or to get more sleep, for example. 

If the pain isn’t serving you, ask your wise Higher Self (your soul) and/ or your Spirit Guides what you can do to be more comfortable in your body –
how can you best manage ‘the’ pain (not ‘your pain’) as you progress to healing and releasing it?

Is the Pain Even Yours?

Get quiet and take a few deep cleansing breaths.
Close your eyes and still your mind to the best of your ability.
Ask the pain or discomfort if it is a) yours; b) someone else’s; or c) a combination?

If the pain isn’t yours or is a combination of energy, send it to the Light – to Source Love – for healing.
You can simply visualize this beautiful clearing of your energy field using a waterfall or other cleansing visualization
or use the ‘In God We Trust Angels’ clearing prayer below.

An estimated 20% of the population are energetically Empaths or High Sensitives.
Many are carrying pain, anxiety and depression and other low-vibration energy in their bodies that isn’t even their energy!
Learning to ground and clear our energy and to raise our vibration makes a tremendous difference in our lives.

Clearing Prayer

I was taught this powerful healing prayer by my first spiritual teacher.
You can pray it from your heart to make it yours and change the wording to fit the circumstances as well as your personal belief system.

You’ll see there is some structure to the prayer as well as a beautiful fluidity.
I pray this prayer differently each time I speak it aloud or say it silently to myself before meditating or going to sleep at night.
The process is quite dynamic, yet always uplifts me, enlightens me, and provides pain relief when needed.

I repeat the prayer three times for the most power, and give thanks to close it out.  
I find it’s a best practice for spiritual work to have a defined beginning, middle and end.

Here’s an example of the ‘In God We Trust, Angels’ prayer:

“In God we trust Angels, thank you for sweeping your nets up through the core of Mother Earth and through my entire four-body system –
my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies – taking everything with you NOW that is not mine, or is mine in combination with someone else’s.
Thank you for allowing me to be sovereign in my own unique energy as well as wonderfully grounded and clear in my energy,
as I fulfill my life purpose to the best of my ability.

Thank you, Angels, for sweeping your nets up through the core of Mother Earth and through my entire four-body system,
removing any energy including physical pain that does not serve me NOW.
Thank you for bringing me wonderful health and bountiful energy in its place so that I may live my life purpose fully,from a place of love and peace in my heart.

Thank you, Angels, for sweeping your nets up through the core of Mother Earth, removing any energy that does not serve me in this current lifetime,sending it downing my grounding cord to the magnetic core of Mother Earth so that I may bathe in the Fountain of Youth energy.
Thank you for activating the joy taproots on the soles of my feet so that each step I take may be filled with joy!
Thank you for helping me be extremely grounded and clear in my energy and peaceful and loving in my encounters with all others,
including people, plants and animals and Gaia - Mother Earth - herself. 

It is done, so be it – thank you Angels, thank you Mother/ Father God.”


It’s easy to change the wording to fit your needs, belief system and intent.
I find it helpful to stand, and to close my eyes and place my hand over my heart as I begin.
There is no ‘right’ way to pray this prayer and to clear and ground your energy – simply follow your intuition to achieve your own mastery.

Success Story #2: The Struggle/ The Process/ The Results

Donna was experiencing significant physical pain as well as ‘stuck’ energy trying to complete a major creative project that meant the world to her.
Even though she was an accomplished writer, she was struggling to complete and publish her first book.

We did several sessions to help Donna release past life energy that was holding her back, as well as to strengthen her lower chakras –
the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Here’s how hypnotherapy provided pain relief for Donna:

"I had a painful condition that kept me from riding my bicycle, which is my primary form of transportation ... within a few hours (after our session)
I felt the pain decreasing and powerful bursts of energy shooting into my legs and lower body ...
the next day I was able to take a brisk walk without the usual lower back pain.
Within a few days I was able to ride my bike again. I'm feeling remarkably better!“

In one of the past lives we explored, Donna discovered she was missing one of her legs and had to hobble about for decades using a crude crutch.
Once we discovered  that ‘lifetime of origin’ for her pain and her Higher Self agreed, ‘That was THEN, and this is NOW,’
it helped her legs function better today, greatly alleviating the lower back pain.

How Can I Get Pain Relief From Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?
And Are You Located Near Me?

It’s my privilege to be a “Past Life Adventure Guide!” 
I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss among other leaders in the field.
I’m  a Certified Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Master Energy Healer as well as hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression, author and speaker.

I work with people from many countries during private and group sessions via Zoom and teleconference calls.
I find most people relax best in the comfort of their own home vs. in an unknown practitioner's office.

Visit my website at

Request your complimentary 15-minute phone appointment to help release the energy that no longer serves you.
It’s time to live a healthy, happy life filled with purpose!

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