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Dive into the RESULTS of a 4-hour
VIP Past-Life Regression including an exploration of the Between-Lives State

Available as an audio book read by the author - click the link below and see
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"Regression Healing I: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Solider"

"A lifetime athlete and adventurer had broken his neck. Could a comprehensive Past-Life Regression truly heal his significant daily pain? Could he finally learn how to connect easily and meaningfully with his Higher Self and Guides?

Witness one man's exploration of more than a dozen of his past lives. Celebrate his journey Home as he becomes 'One' with
the Light within us all. Learn how finding the origin of physical or emotional pain provides the opportunity to heal and release
it for a happier, healthier NOW, via the Regression Healing spiritual regression technique.

This story is the culmination of a profound soul-mate journey between a man and the woman who became his Past-Life Regressionist. Soul-mates are for lessons, to awaken us, and often to challenge us to grow or to go. Discover how their
mastery of this final lesson frees them both."







Praise for "Regression Healing I: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Soldier"

"Wendy Rose Williams works diligently to hold a pure space for her clients to delve deep into the consciousness of their own soul's treasures. This approach is fascinating! Her client account in 'Regression Healing I' is awesome, and touched me deeply.
Enjoy the journey, and consider having your own session."

     --Robin Alexis, Host "Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis" (Mt. Shasta, California)

"I wish you much success to introduce to the world that our biology is only temporary, and our significance rests in our
beautiful souls."

     --Jill Rae Faulkner (Edina, Minnesota)

"An hour just flew by. I am loving your book - I feel like I'm on a journey with you two. I hope you do a huge series because this is certainly a breath of fresh air!

     --Becky Buchko, Author (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

"This story is exceptionally well-written. It's a great book and I look forward to finishing it over the next few days. It's a very easy and interesting read. Well done!"

     --Heidi Unruh (Sherborn, Massachusetts)

"We need to see the good, the bad, and the ugly for us to learn. I would like to read more books in this series with different healing processes (i.e. forgiveness in this book.)"

     --Dr. Michael Tran (Manhattan, Kansas)

"I would absolutely read more of these books. It almost like a series of Nancy Drew or the 'Mischievous Misadventures of
Wendy Williams.' The book held my attention. When I started reading it today my goal was to read half of it - instead, I
couldn't put it down! I want an autographed copy."

     --Deborah Bonner, Hypnotherapist (Stockbridge, Georgia)

"I'm a big proponent of using a good, trustworthy Regressionist to assist you in recalling past lives. It's helpful to not just
recall them but to heal them from any trauma associated and carried forward like extra baggage into this present life.
This book does a great job of taking you along on the client's job of remembering."

     --Laurie Regan, Author and Intuitive Artist (Seattle, Washington)

"Wendy, I'm reading your book and had to take a minute to tell you how much it grabs you from the start. This is exciting
to me and I can't wait to finish. Blessings to you - keep writing more and you'll have your own library before long."

     --Penelope Neville (Rhode Island)

“A very interesting case of regression which is unusual because the therapist and the client were personally connected in this life and in many past lives. Usually therapists have difficulties with treating their family members or close friends, it is not easy to be completely objective. Here we have a success story where a therapist manages to help her client notwithstanding their past personal ties, at the same time benefiting herself from the therapy. The benefit of the client stands first in any case.”
     --M.Z., Portugal


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