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Join me for an Energy Healing Q & A; workshop or LIVE channeling event:

"Wow, just wow. This healing was incredible! It changes everything."
(T.S., Washington State)

"This was much more than a past-life regression. It was an in-depth, guided Shamanic journey and spiritual tune-up. Wendy has my A-OK for her ethical and thorough approach to energy work." 
(P.M., South Dakota)

  • Need help resolving chronic pain, anxiety, depression & stuck energy?

  • Ready to attract healthy relationships & finances?

  • Want to to feel upbeat, energized & filled with purpose? 

  • Join me for an Energy Healing Q & A with an energy clearing & blessing:


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"Hello Wendy! I have been wanting to tell you that I can now sing with a beautiful voice to my son and to God, and just for fun, since you helped me heal my throat chakra! I remember you telling me to try making sounds! Well now I’m singing! Thank you so much! I also can’t thank you enough for the miracle that took place in my root chakra!"     (N.G., Utah)

"I have more energy than in the past due to our session, and my mood is lighter! I keep getting signs from the Universe confirming things that came out in our session."
(G.B., Florida)

"...I feel that what I saw in the regression with you was real. I had started to see elements of it even before the part where the past life was supposed to appear...Then when you asked what my main activity in that life was, I had the sensation of mentally smelling a flower (I could distinguish what it smelled like, as if it were the memory of a scent I had already encountered) and had a vision of a vial of essential oil. I feel like those aren't things I would invent myself if speculating what I had done in a past life, and they also popped up fairly spontaneously (like the dinner plate vision), so I don't have the feeling that I made them up."
(E.L., France)

"I can't believe it! My large property improvement project is finally underway after 3+ years of energy blockages and delays. I put my faith and trust into Wendy's hands. Right after our session (which I didn't know what to make of,  honestly) immediately it was like this black cloud lifted. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your heart, soul, gifted talents and positive energy! THANK YOU for what you have done for our family." 
(J.W., Kirkland, Washington)

"I am feeling really great! I have thought a lot about the session and how many connections were made as well as the connections I have made post session! My favorite part was definitely feeling the two children by my sides and seeing my home with them and the horses i
n the parallel otherworldly dimension. Such a deep feeling of love and unity there. I feel as though you lead it so smoothly and with love as the guiding Light. I appreciated that very much!!"
(H.R., California)

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