"This was much more than a past-life regression. It was an in-depth, guided Shamanic journey and spiritual tune-up. Wendy has my A-OK for her ethical and thorough approach to energy work."  (P.M., South Dakota)

"I can't believe it! My large property improvement project is finally underway after 3+ years of energy blockages and delays. I put my faith and trust into Wendy's hands. Right after our session (which I didn't know what to make of,  honestly) immediately it was like this black cloud lifted. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your heart, soul, gifted talents and positive energy! THANK YOU for what you have done for our family." 
(J.W., Kirkland, Washington)

"This was one of the most deeply relaxing
and healing guided meditations that I have experienced. The insights I gained helped re-frame and heal a challenging situation I am currently going through by allowing me to access my subconscious in ways that I have never experienced. Wendy creates a safe environment and facilitates a wonderful experience."
(K.V., Seattle)

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NOTE: Hypnotherapy should not be performed for individuals with schizophrenia or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).


DISCLAIMER: Wendy Rose Williams is a Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-Life Regression; a Reiki Master Energy Healer; a Certified Spiritual Teacher and an Ordained Minister. She is NOT a medical doctor or mental health practitioner.

It is your responsibility to make your own choices to maximize your health and well-being. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and all healing is self-healing. Refunds are not available after services are provided.