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Events - Save the Date!

Note: Times listed are Pacific Time (PT)
Mountain Time +1 hour/ Central +2/ Eastern +3/ UK +8


"Waking Up Spiritually" Podcast:

3rd Monday of the month at 2:30 PM PT

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LIVE Workshop: "Soul Mates & Soul Contracts"
Monday, February 13th
3-3:45 PM PT

LIVE Workshop: "What's My Life Purpose?"
Wednesday, July 12th
4-4:45 PM PT

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    Wendy Rose Williams, Past Life Energy Healer

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"I can honestly say that I'm a changed person because of this session. It truly was one of the best experiences of my life." 
(B.B., Pennsylvania)

"Wendy Williams is a highly gifted healer.
I recommend her to the most skeptical people.
Her work is exceptional. You will not be disappointed."
(J.H., Massachusetts)

"I've literally known the soul known as Wendy Rose Williams for thousands of lifetimes. In this lifetime she has been an invaluable past life expert who has helped me heal from traumatic past lifetimes."
(R.A., California)

"My business is blossoming daily as word of mouth spreads from satisfied customers. Thanks to Wendy’s guidance I am becoming my dream."
(P.A., Washington State)

"I HIGHLY (can't say it enough) recommend this for anyone who needs spiritual/ physical healing, or If you want to connect with the Higher Energies you work with, or to find out more about your mission. Wendy is absolutely amazing! I cannot tell you how freeing and uplifting this session was, truly incredible. I'm already planning another session."
(K.D.,Washington State)

"I went into my session looking for clarification on my direction as well as unresolved grief that had been weighing heavily on me for years. The session was more than I could have imagined. Once it was over, I could feel a real change. It was like a weight had been lifted! Emotionally I feel back on track and more focused. It's been months since my session but I still feel the positive changes that took place. I highly recommend a session with Wendy."       
(J.S., Washington State)

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Request your 15-minute complimentary phone appointment HERE:


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