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"I'll start with my favorite part (no surprise) the past life! Two things astounded me. First, I saw everything so clearly (I was there) and second, names came immediately. Wasn't thinking up names they just popped up. On point was the clothing for the period as well as the furniture and accessories.

Many vivid dreams and past experiences (from this life) came up. They are not causing emotion. I feel they have been healed, and came up to be acknowledged and released. Soothed by your voice, I relaxed completely into the experience.

With your prompting, colors, sights and movements all led me to feel peaceful, healthy and healed when it concluded."

(M.A., Delaware)


Do you struggle with a fear of water, heights or other phobias?  Past-life regression therapy can free you up:

"I had a painful condition that kept me from riding my bicycle, which is my primary form of transportation ... within a few hours (after our session) I felt the pain decreasing and powerful bursts of energy shooting into my legs and lower body ... the next day I was able to take a brisk walk without the usual lower back pain. Within a few days I was able to ride my bike again. I'm feeling remarkably better!"
(D.W., California)

"Emotionally I feel back on track and more focused. It's been months since my session but I still feel the positive changes that took place. I highly recommend a session with Wendy."
(J.S., Washington State)

Wendy Rose Williams, MBA
Energy Healer/ Hypnotherapist
Certified Spiritual Teacher/
Reiki Master/ Author & Speaker

"Wendy, you are medicine. You literally are medicine. That's what I got out of the regression as well as my soul has lived many hard days all in preparation for this life. And this life is preparing me for the next. My session really put 'hard times' into perspective - like heat and pressure polish coal into a diamond. The hard times are necessary to improve my soul and to improve the world.

I also realized how intertwined I am with the Civil War - the real start for the fight for true equality in the world. That is truly important to my soul, and wonderful guidance for me. Thank you for everything you do." (J.H., Texas)

"The Between Lives regression was fascinating. I felt Wendy handled the whole process very professionally. Everything flowed very smoothly and it was a great experience.The insight I gained was very useful and I am still processing it. I highly recommend Wendy as a past life regression practitioner."
(S.B., United Kingdom)

"Since our session, things have been happening for me. Specifically resources I have sought for YEARS have 'fallen in my lap.' And it just keeps getting better. I found legal help. I found help with my computer, and much more. I now seem to access all the right sources for things to happen in my life. There seems to be a synchronicity that occurred. It is making a big difference in my life." 
(P.M., South Dakota)

"Wendy is very kind and supportive. She is especially pleasant to work with. Her knowledge and level of professionalism in the field of hypnotherapy is remarkable. She is intelligent and open-minded and can converse with a high degree of knowledge about spiritual matters. Our (Between-Lives) session was wonderful and revealed meaningful information. I highly recommend Wendy and her services to all who wish to journey to the great beyond. It's absolutely amazing! My heartfelt thanks go out to Wendy." 
(A.P., Washington State)

"I find it amazing to see that now in the days directly following the session my physical eye has begun to open and I am now seeing forms where I was seeing nothing before."
(J.Y., Indiana)

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