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The vision for “Soul Wisdom Radio” is to help you raise your vibration to 5D & higher by tuning into the wisdom of your own Higher Self or soul.

Radio Interviews & Podcasts

'Waking Up Spiritually!' debuting May 16th
10 AM Pacific/ 1 PM Eastern

Hosts Gregg Kirk & Wendy Rose Williams
Topic: Connecting & Working With Your Spirit Guide(s)

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The Miracle of Healing (host Lisa Campion)

How to Raise Your Vibration to 5D and Beyond During Tumultuous Times

What is the “fifth dimension” anyway?
Many of us have been hearing for years that the human race is raising their level of consciousness and moving from 3D  & 4D to 5D...

Soul Mate Straight Talk!

There's lots of confusion regarding what a soul mate really is. Is it fairy tale like story of a happy ever after?
Or is it a relationship that creates growth and transformation.

Again & Again Podcast (hosts Karen Downing & Wendy Rose Williams)

Coming Soon:

Episode 12: 'Energy Imprints, Manifestation & Trusting Your Intuition'

Episode 11: 'Helping Ghosts & Suicides to the Light'

Episode 10: 'Exploring Animals Many Relationships With Us: Companions, Healers & More'

Episode 9: 'Spirit Animals'

Learn how animals - both in spirit and in body - can provide us messages for our life


Episode 8: 'Connecting With Spirit Guides'

Learn tips & guidance how to communicate with your team of spirit guides

Episode 7: 'Energy Management'

Are you confident managing your energy body and holding your space?
Have you been 'energy vamped' and need a better strategy for the future

Episode 6: 'Past Life Regression & Learning From Between Lifetimes'

Learn how past-life energy may be impacting you, and how to heal and release it

Episode 5: 'Spiritual Complacency: How to Identify & Prevent It'

Do you feel confident managing your energy on a daily basis?
Click below for tips & techniques on how to avoid spiritual complacency

Episode 4: 'Spiritual Surrender, Acceptance & Going With the Flow'

Do you know how to spiritually surrender?

Episode 3: 'Understanding Spiritual Pride'

Can you identify the ego trick of spiritual pride?

Episode 2: 'Gifts From a Perfect Storm'

Do you need help weathering a 'Perfect Storm' where everything has to fall apart to come back together? 
It can be an incredibly challenging experience

Episode 1:  'The Dark Night of the Soul' 

Have you had the spiritual experience known as the Dark Night of the Soul and struggled to make sense of it?

Conscious Talk: Radio That Makes a Difference (hosts Brenda Michaels & Rob Spears)

"Join the author of 'Regression Healing I: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Solider'
for some compelling reasons to believe in past lives and how we can use our knowledge of them to heal.",%202018&file=/

Daily Talk with host Rich Vernadeau 

Have you ever been somewhere new where you recognized something, 
had a strong feeling of deja vu or were able to inexplicably navigate well?
You may have been on a past-life pilgrimage...

Click below to hear how a past-life pilgrimage can help you hone your intuition
as well as release energy that no longer serves you:

Listen in as Wendy and host Rich Vernadeau discuss Wendy's upcoming novel,

"The Flow I: Plimoth Plantation" (the prequel),

what a ghost is and why ghosts sometimes don't go Home to the Light

If you enjoy this episode, look for Rich and Wendy's additional episodes of "Daily Talk" on YouTube

The Past Lives Podcast (host Simon Bown)

During this program we discussed many aspects of spirituality, including astral travel

Listeners share their stories in this episode
The second 30 minutes of the podcast includes a portion of Simon's
'Between Lives' session with Wendy

In this episode, Wendy answers questions posed to her as a Certified Spiritual Teacher

Where do we go between lives to process the life & plan for a new one?
Join us for a discussion of the 'between lives' space.

Wendy joined guest Dianne Seaman for a discussion of Dianne's memories as Margaret Mitchell,
author of the beloved international best-selling epic, "Gone With the Wind"

How can past-life pilgrimages can help release energy that no longer serves us,

and to more deeply trust our intuition?

Wendy and Simon discuss the benefits of past-life regression as well as the gifts
from her Near-Death Experience, and what it means to be a Volunteer on Earth (Episode 25)

Soul Curious (host Sammy Anderson)

'5D Consciousness & Beyond'

Our discussion included how I got on my spiritual path, Starseeds, how to access the Akashic Records
and the Stargate Experience 12D meditations

'Clearing our Energy & Shifting to 5D'

Join Wendy with host Sammy Anderson for an informal discussion of grounding & clearing our energy,
and Wendy's experience with raising her vibration to 5D, the fifth spiritual dimension.

Sunny in Seattle! (host Sunny Joy McMillan)

Wendy is the guest host on attorney-turned-life-coach Sunny Joy McMcillan's weekly program for a frank
discussion of Sunny's memoir, 'Unhitched: Unlock Your Courage and Clarity to Unstick Your Bad Marriage"

Click below for your free copy of "Unhitched" and to request a complimentary consult with Sunny:


Transformation Talk Radio's 'The Dr. Pat Show!'

Dr. Pat Baccili interviews Wendy on KKNW 1150 AM's #1 award-winning show:

'Givin' Up the Ghost!'

What leads to Earth-bound energies (ghosts); how can soul retrievals improve your health; & the amazing power of forgiveness,27476.html

'How Can Past-Life Regression Helps You Enjoy a Happier, Healthier NOW?',4673.html


"Unscripted" Podcast with co-hosts Nesrin and Wendy

Join us for a panel discussion from multiple countries what does it mean to be a Starseed or hybrid soul...
Have you had galactic (ET) experiences on your path to remembering your multidimensionality?
(Episode 3)

What are the special considerations and support needed to explore a potential historic, Biblical or famous past life?

(Episode 2)

What was your journey to wake up spiritually? 
How do continue to raise your vibration and frequency?
(Episode 1)


OMTimes Radio's ‘Inspired Living with Marc and Kim’

Wendy recaps past life healing results with host Kim Thalken

Spinning Logic Podcast (3 episodes)

Host Jason Havey & Wendy's most recent conversation included animal rights and the benefits of Regression Healing

Jason recaps his own Regression Healing session with Wendy which included an intriguing future event potentiality,
and how Wendy used past-life regression to become a published author:

Wendy shares her personal story of waking up spiritually:

Wendy's Coffeehouse

Join me with host Wendy Garrett as we explore the surprising relationships we can form with soul mates

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NOTE: Hypnotherapy should not be performed for individuals with schizophrenia or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).


DISCLAIMER: Wendy Rose Williams is a Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-Life Regression; a Reiki Master Energy Healer; a Certified Spiritual Teacher and an Ordained Minister. She is NOT a medical doctor or mental health practitioner.

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