Ready for Your Past Life Adventure? 
        * Your Zoom session includes an audio recording 
  • As a Past Life Adventure Guide Energy Healer,  Wendy Rose Williams helps adults from around the world release pain, anxiety and depression and to unstick their creativity

  • Wendy leads clients through a healing process via techniques she has learned working with some of the world's most renowned hypnotherapy experts, including Dr. Brian Weiss

  • People are able to finally start living this life with joy and purpose when they release the energy that does not serve them!



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2.5 hour Past-Life Regression $399 USD        

  • Healing Temple 

  • Connect with your Spirit Guide

  • Explore a key past life/ lives

  • Cross over to the Light

  • Visit the Place of All Knowledge

4-hour VIP Past-Life Regression $499 USD

Typical experiences include above, and

  • Review/ adjust soul contracts as necessary

  • Transmute any karma

  • Energy management techniques to improve life

4-hour 'Between-Lives'
Regression Therapy $599 USD

Note: Past-Life Regression required 
before a Between-Lives session


Typical 'Station Stops' Include --

  • Childhood Memories/ The Womb/
    Journey to a Past Life

  • Explore Past Life/ The Death/
    Transition into Life-Between-Lives

  • First Encounter/ The Gateway/
    Move Into Spirit World

  • Orientation

  • Soul Group

  • Visit Council of Elders

  • Present Life & Body Selection

  • Other Soul Activities: Classroom;
    Training in Energy/ Recreation

Wendy Rose Williams, Energy Healer  Hypnotherapist/ Reiki Master
Certified Spiritual Teacher

Client Testimonials:

"Hello Wendy! I have been wanting to tell you that I can now sing with a beautiful voice to my son and to God, and just for fun, since you helped me heal my throat chakra! I remember you telling me to try making sounds! Well now I’m singing! Thank you so much! I also can’t thank you enough for the miracle that took place in my root chakra!"     (N.G., Utah)

"Even my wife comments how much lighter I seem to be. I am amazed at how effective this is for me to heal and simply feel better. I sold $10,000 worth of work in days preceding our session and another $10,000 within the last week. That is half of my total gross sales in all of 2020...I feel as if I am light-years from that place/person...

Wendy, I had such a healing and effective experience with you I don’t even feel qualified to imagine a session more enjoyable and/or effective for me. The whole thing was exactly what I needed at the exact point in time. I feel no depression or heaviness, finances have already improved considerably, I genuinely feel that I am on my souls preferred path, and I am paying more and more attention to the qualities I am most proud of in order to consciously love the container my soul has chosen for this ride.

I have been getting the inspiration to experience another session with you, more as a “touch up“ or teaching session instead of healing. I think that could be really fun and beneficial...Thank you for the beautiful soul you choose to be."          (R.R., Ohio)

 Sessions include:

Service Packages:
(Note: Prices are USD - U.S. Dollars)

  • Crystal Grid Healings $99 (includes photo of fully custom grid)

  • 1-hour Healing Session/ Past-Life Regression (PLR) Prep $125

  • Mary Magdalen Channeling $149 (60 min)/ $199 (90 min)

  • 2.5 hour Past-Life Regression (PLR )$399

  • 4-hour PLR with Between-Lives Exploration $499

  • 4-hour Between-Lives Regression Therapy $599

    • Package 2.5 hour PLR/ 4-hour Between-Lives $899 ($100 savings)

  • 2-hour Future Life Progression $399

  • 3-month Spiritual Mentoring (2.5 hr PLR & 5 - 1 hr sessions) $1299

  • 1 year Spiritual Seeker Program (incl. all 4 PLR types) $3499

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