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  • Wendy Rose Williams is a Past Life Energy Healer who helps people release energy that no longer serves them - physical & emotional pain; anxiety & depression

  • Wendy trained with some of the world's most renowned healing experts - including
    Dr. Brian Weiss - to create a powerful process grounded in hypnotherapy to help people

    release this energy


  • People are able to live happier, healthier lives as a result - a life that's filled with purpose


Signature Healing Package:

  •  2.5 hour Past-Life Regression – includes journey to a Crystal Cave

  • Custom Crystal Grid to hold the energy for your dynamic upward shift

  • 1st 60-minute healing session 

  • 2nd 60-minute healing session 

$997 prepaid (or $375 x 3 payments)
Your 1:1 sessions are scheduled 2-4 weeks apart

Benefits of this powerful program include: 

  • Enhance your health; wealth & harmonious relationships

  • Connect with the unconditional love & wisdom from your Higher Self & Guides

  • Attract more peace, love & joy to your life

    Request your complimentary 15-minute phone appointment NOW:

    "I can't express how grateful I am. I feel calm. Calmer and clearer than I've ever felt." (L.S., Washington State)

    "Thank you so much for yesterday's healing. My shoulder and neck no longer have pain. Amazing! Thank you for doing the very special work that you do."
    (S.S., California)

    "Wendy, thank you - you are GIFTED!!! (Removing the) blockage of the 3rd chakra was amazing and I am still enjoying all correct flow. Don't change anything."
    (J.H., California)





Coming Soon - only 4 openings remain in the Past Life Mastery Program:
I am thrilled to introduce the program that's been a decade in the making -- 
this is the comprehensive help I needed as I transmuted 150+ of my own past lives!

12-Month Past Life Mastery Program:

  • Why did you bring these specific lives to grow from in this life?

  • Benefits & signposts of these particular past life archetypes

  • Release energy that no longer serves you

  • Embrace forgotten abilities

    Program limited to just 5 students:

  • 24 Private one-hour sessions on Zoom every other week for 12 months

  • 2 Bonus private sessions to use when needed

  • 12 Monthly 90-minute group Zoom workshops includes exciting guest speakers

  • On-line journal to document your journey - your best ever passport stamps!

  • Custom crystal grid to hold the energy for your dynamic upward shift

  • 3-5 Past life sketches by intuitive artist Marjorie O'Meara

  • Ongoing support during your past life mastery program

    $9997 prepaid (or $899/ month x 12 payments)

    Request your complimentary 15-minute phone appointment NOW:

    You will feel remarkably different when you have stepped into your power fully!
    We'll have a graduation party to celebrate your fully embracing all the parts of yourself, with a very special custom graduation gift for each participant...

Wendy Rose Williams, Energy Healer  Hypnotherapist/ Reiki Master
Certified Spiritual Teacher

Client Testimonials:

"Since my past-life session with you a few years ago, my financial situation has done 180 degrees. My husband and I are looking at investments and other strategies to leave us with few or no bills and passive income for retirement in a couple of years. I never dreamed such a fast turnaround was possible, but here we are! It's been remarkable." 
(L.D., Arizona)


"Hello Wendy! I have been wanting to tell you that I can now sing with a beautiful voice to my son and to God, and just for fun, since you helped me heal my throat chakra! I remember you telling me to try making sounds! Well now I’m singing! Thank you so much! I also can’t thank you enough for the miracle that took place in my root chakra!"     (N.G., Utah)

"I feel so elevated after the session. The vibration was immensely huge and so full of love. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your voice was so angelic - so beautiful and soft...You are such an amazing facilitator and guide. Thank you so much for the links, references, people and community that you have recommended  - and your book!"
(F.H. - Wales)

"Even my wife comments how much lighter I seem to be. I am amazed at how effective this is for me to heal and simply feel better. I sold $10,000 worth of work in days preceding our session and another $10,000 within the last week. That is half of my total gross sales in all of 2020...I feel as if I am light-years from that place/person...


Wendy, I had such a healing and effective experience with you I don’t even feel qualified to imagine a session more enjoyable and/or effective for me. The whole thing was exactly what I needed at the exact point in time. I feel no depression or heaviness, finances have already improved considerably, I genuinely feel that I am on my souls preferred path, and I am paying more and more attention to the qualities I am most proud of in order to consciously love the container my soul has chosen for this ride...Thank you for the beautiful soul you choose to be."  
(R.R. - Ohio)


Past Life Archetypes:
Warrior * Monk * Outcast * Ruler * Servant * Victim * Savior * Infidel * Utilizer * Creative * Prophet * Merchant * Scoundrel * Rebel * Vanity * Unwell * Agent * Priest(ess) * Magician * Sage * Server * Explorer * Hero * Jester * Lover

Crystal Grid Seashells 2.jpg
Pirates - BEST SHOT.jpg

Past Life Sketches by Marjorie O'Meara

Workshop Topics:
Life Purpose * Life Path * Spirit Guides  * Energy Management * Soulmates * Soul Groups * Soul contracts * Personal Astrology/ Natal Chart * Palmistry * Youthing * Time Travel * Angel numbers * Totem Animals * More more more

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