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Audio Book Version
(read by the author)

Regression Healing I Audio Book Link Here:


The Flow I: Plimoth Plantation (the prequel)

Available in paperback - Kindle and audio book versions "Coming Soon"

Click on the link below to hear Wendy & host Rich Vernadeau discuss  "What's a ghost & why do they sometimes not go Home to the Light?"

"The writing in this book is entertaining and filled with humor and ease. It is great story-telling and easy to read." (Jennifer, Los Angeles)

Plimoth Plantation Prequel Cover Low Res

"The author intertwines present day with a past-life story that is vivid, interesting, and plausible. The characters are real people and the reader clearly gains an understanding into the positive use of past-life regression to heal both the present and the past. I look forward to the next book." (Ellen, Seattle)

"This is a wonderful book that can be classified in several categories, encompassing all the following: a love story, spiritualism, reincarnation, autobiography, history, and historical fiction. If historians read this book will they use it as fact or fiction since it is factual per the Akashic Records?"
(Dr. Michael Tran, Kansas)

From the back jacket --


"Why would a ghost choose to remain Earth-bound for hundreds of years?
Ann Warren Little vividly depicts her childhood in England; her perilous journey
to Colonial America aboard a Mayflower ship; five decades living and loving at Plimoth Plantation; and her shocking death during King Philip's War.

Learn why this heart-broken ghost continually refuses to go Home. Experience Ann's compulsion to find both Ship's Master Williams Pierce who brought her to the New Colony in 1623 - and her own Future Self - to attempt to bring closure to thier clandestine 1600s relationship. 

Will Ann and William's Future Selves master their shared lessons in present time? Can they convince Ann - a remarkably stubborn ghost - to finally move to the Light to heal? Will Ann forgive William, or once again remain a heartbroken ghost..."


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